Summary on Denominations/Theologians

*Disclosure: I want to make clear this is my opinion based on personal research. I did this because I found it so hard to find the following information via the internet. Please bare in mind that there are always variations in groups and of course I certainly can be wrong, in fact I would ask to let me know of any disagreements anyone may have.

Wesleyan Arminianism
-Preventative grace given to all so can respond despite the severe damage from the fall
-Grace is resistible
-Can lose salvation from prolong and/or profound sin as out of relationship or by renouncing faith
-Can always received back by repentance
-Are unintentional sins and willful sin, which can overcome (Entire Sanctification)
-Imparted righteousness-bestowed according to the faith we have/use/been given
-Confess for right standing, perseverance (either evidence of or to up keep)
-More focused on personal repentance, relational cultivation, and evidential fruit
-Perhaps 40% of Christians?
-Often support women as ministers
-Positives: Encourages Christians to pursue/walk out/grow in faith and holiness
-Negatives: May slip into works mentality/begin sin conscious/performance focused
-Major Denominations: United Methodist-often have a scholarly and/or liberal views of Bible scripture or social issues. Wesleyan Methodist, Nazarene, some Brethren, Assembly of God, and Church of God can be more conservative even fundamentalist.

Classical Arminianism
-Total depravity in full from the fall and must be individually moved upon
-Grace is resistible
-Have salvation by staying in faith in Christ, heart on his work/person/merits
-To lose salvation must be truly mature and renounce faith from hardened heart (given over to-cannot regain), but not from sin itself
-Sin is all same, missing the mark of God
-Imputed righteousness-completely given by Christ in our sealed spirit at conversion
-Confess for agreement-stop the enemy, get Spirit back into charge of physical
-More focused on what Christ has accomplished for us once
-Perhaps 20% of Christians?
-Often support women as ministers
-Positives: Seems a balance between God part and ours, receive/walk by grace/faith/Spirit
-Negatives: May produce faith in man’s faith, or take liberties with, not use functionally
-Major Denominations: Some Brethren, Baptist and Faith Churches-can be more conservative, even fundamental of social and Bible issues. Some Friends-can vary but often have a more scholarly even liberal view of scripture and social issues.

Classical Calvinism
-Total Depravity fully remains, must be moved upon by God/Holy Spirit, man can do nothing to obtain salvation
-Grace irresistible, Moderate Calvinists say grace is resistible and are often less legalistic 
-Cannot lose salvation as God will preserve those whom he predestined to be saved
-If fall away then were never Christians
-Sin is all same, can never overcome-to God’s grace, glory, and magnification
-We are not righteous in ourselves but only due to God who has unconditionally elected
-Confess to give honor to God whom we obey because of his love and what he has done
-More focused on God and his total and perfect sovereignty, power, and eternal plan
-Perhaps 30% of Christians?
-Often do not support women as ministers
-Positives: God, not self centered, thankful/inspired by what God has done/his greatness
-Negatives: Can neglect own authority/free will/responsibility, man as still an old sinner
-Major Denominations: Baptist, Reformed, Independent Bible Churches-often have a conservative and/or fundamentalist view of scripture or social issues. Episcopalian, Lutheran, and Presbyterian are usually more liberal in varying degrees.

Theologians I like thus far: Bullinger, Darby, Scofield, Ryrie, Chaffer, Wittfield, Spurgeon, Moody, Luther, Calvin.  

*Denominations/Churches I like thus far: Calvery Chapel, Vineyard, Every Nation, Grace Gospel Fellowship, Grace Evanglical Society, Soverign Grace, Charismatic Episcopalian, Plymouth Brethren, Bible/Community Fellowship, Bible Baptist

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