The Most Helpful/Interesting/Informative Sites I Have Encountered Also a great site for gospel truth/resources. Bible verse for specific issues, can have a daily devotional sent by email. can search versions of Bible and read Bible commentaries
All the following contain articles/resources/churches converying what is the doctrince of Free Grace theolical questions

Christian Resources International-can give books, Bible, ect, to people and pastors would need them.

The Follow are good for apologetics/creationsim (click on search it). Extremely interesting info on a talking to others about Christ, common/tough questions, evolution, science, difference from other religions, history, quotes of famous people, last words, function of God’s Law, and other Christian principles.,,, (click on bible answers) : can type in your question regarding Christianity and will be given clips to anwser that question. : Fantastic articles, debates, and papers by experts and PhD’s on Christian apologetics regarding history, atheism, philosophy, psychology and many other topics. : Responses regarding controversial issues and questions facing Christianity, the Bible, and other spiritual movements : smart and humerous facts on successful marrage

For News/Politics Probablly the best news site there is. Informs public on the incredable inforation grading new legislation. Evidence of the profound Christian foundations and founders of the USA. Shows what the CANDIDATES REALLY FAVOR AND OPPOSE AND WHO YOU AGREE WITH, also cab do with a fun quiz telling you what you would be called on the political grid.

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