Can the Matrix be Symbolic of Christianity?

First we must establish that we are speaking of something from Hollywood and there is probably nothing that is more intolerable to it than Christianity. In fact, I am aware of certain comments made by the directors of the matrix and I can assure they are very much opposed to Christianity. Nevertheless, all thing may not be good, yet God and make good from it. Let’s look at some of the striking parallels.

1.) This world is far, far less real than what we experience and will experience when we are purely spirit or operating in the spirit on earth, and not in an earthly body or the flesh(self) currently. Like the matrix itself is world for most is a trap, a constant distraction that many are desperately holding on to in order to suppress the truth. The truth that they know something else is there. Something far more real and meaningful, a spiritual hunger that makes this world seem dull and artificial. Many-like those in Hollywood, or of similar worldviews and beliefs-we fight to exalt it, doing anything in their own power to attempt to nullify the existence of a God, or at least the one from the Bible. They cannot stand the idea of being accountable to anything and need a system of control of justify and convince themselves of their own rightness, proclaiming that their works are good enough in their religious(even if they don’t call it that) system. Just like the matrix we are all born in bondage(a sin(noun not just verb) state of being/thinking. When we have been born again we look at the rest of the world artificial and feel for the people still in bondage to it. However, we must also understand that anyone still trusting this world or themselves cannot be fully trusted.

2.) When Neo is first unpluged from this world’s system he has some difficulties with just how radical the truth is. That he has been living for a lie. He wants to go back but he know that now that he knows the truth he can not go back, he must continue on, learning what he is and what he is destined to become-as do all Christians. Noticed he did not manifest into what he was until the love of Trinity(God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit-not just some male or female) breathed new life into him. He then saw everything differently. He saw things in the spirit and now felt an effortless flow of mastery over the natural. He stopped thing coming against him with a word, nothing could touch him. He could now believe in the way he was so previous trying so hard to in his own efforts. Neo is told there is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path. There is a difference between knowing God’s love and word and believing it, trusting it, having confidence in it.

3.) Neo represents hope too many, yet his enemy Agent Smith is not. He is consumed only by a feeling of being trapped in this world, believing that he has no purpose, when in fact he was so focused on self, control, and power that he chose to have no purpose. Like humanity’s enemy, he is a liar, trying to convince Neo that he is not free and has no purpose, but Neo remains cool and confident, continuing on his path. Neo advises his enemies that he know they are the ones who are afraid and insecure and that he is going show other what they(religious or secular people) don’t want them to see-the truth. Just as we testify of and about Christ or even just as Jesus unveiled the Father to the people against the religious Pharisees who want to control people. Neo is stronger than the agents of the system becasue their world and their power is based on rules, while Neo has something more. As believers our righteousness  is not based on do’s and dont’s but on the free and imparted enabling grace and favor of God through Christ.

4.) At the story’s end we see Smith so frustrated that he cannot understand why Neo continues to persist because he cannot see the spiritual end, goal, and victory that Neo does. Also we see a clear picture of Christ. Neo allows himself to become Smith, just as Christ allowed himself to become sin. This would not have matted but Neo was hooked up with/to the source-representing the source in this world, which allowed the source to once and for all deal with the problem of Smith through Neo. Because Jesus is God, the perfect image of God, he was able to deal with once and for all the problem of sin by taking it upon himself, satisfying the justice of Holy God. And then there was peace between the source and men just and Christ reconciled us to God. Zion proclaim that Neo was fighting for them and that the war over. Christ has ending the war and given us every victory.
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