How Are Christians Like Clark Kent(Superman)?

A fun but interesting analysis examining the obstacles, principles, and parallels between the Superman story and the Christian life and character. We too are trying to implament to supernatural things(of God) with this world.
Make no mistake, we are dealing with Hollywood here, therefore there are countless instances and examples of very non-Christian ideals and principals in any given show. This is not to be in any way seen as some way to condone worldly media as replacing God and his word as the major discerner of his will and character. This is simply an attempt to retrieve some interesting or insightful constructs that may perhaps make His word and principals come more alive to us. The primary source of this commentary was the TV series Smallville.
1.) Clark Kent(Superman) is an alien, and no matter how much he desires to be attached to the things of this world this is not his home. Often such things cause Clark a degree of sadness or become a distraction from his real purpose and how he is to truly and more dramatically assist mankind. So too can we trade in the more difficult responsibility of conveying and living the message of Christ for compromise with the world and our selfish desires. Certainly we do not neglect all relationships, yet how often do we desperately or blindly seek a relationship with the opposite sex because it’s comfortable, while we know we do not processes Godly motives. Interesting to note that Clark can only use his “x-ray vision” when he focuses on something. Clark doesn’t value the act of see through female’s clothing. So to what we choose to focus on/think about/place greater value on is what we will do. It is right believing that brings right action. It is much easier to say “I’m only human”(particularly when dealing with “having fun”) rather then to do the truly good thing that our Father wants us to do and has equipped us by realizing and feeding on his great love for us. Well, just like Clark, if you have the Spirit of almighty God living on the inside of you, you are not only human. Clark
has to exercise faith in the truth that is separate from his emotions and not of this world. He chooses to be a servant to all, and as he matures into who he really is (for us this would be from the Bible, not from watching “as the stomach turns on TV) this occurs on a larger and greater level. In short, he shuns or disesteems this world in favor for a greater purpose/joy. Clark lives good(doing) because he know and believes who he is(being). He is sercure because of the incredable favor he has and that nothing can touch him.
2.) In the TV series Clark not only cannot fly, but he does not want to or desire to even try. Why? Because several times in the show this represents the fullness of his alien identity, powers, and persona. He would rather be human than acknowledge that he is different from others and cable of a higher existence. This is not meant to be a spirit of arrogance, but often we are afraid to go to the next strata of spiritual existence that God has for us because it means we may have to give up something earthly that gives us comfort. Many times we don’t want to fight the good fight or exit the race, particularly in our recent (guess been here nearly 50 years now) culture, (or counter culture) media, and schools that encourages a no conflict, path of least resistance style of thinking and living. In reality what we see as pressure is a peace that only God and his purpose can give us. Also, as Clark
grows into his true identity he develops a Kryptoian 6th sense that allows him to see the motives and character of others. This is precisely what occurs to the Christian the more he/she grows in the spirit and in-this may sound arrogant and others may even tell you so. Unfortunately you may realize the degree to which many act in self centeredness and with a darkened, strictly early reasoning. When does Clark want to fly , he is advise to focus on one thing and make it your whole world-God states to seek first His(not our own) righteousness and all things(blessings) will be added to to. Clark flys more effortlesly when he gets a greater revalation of who he is, his inheritance, and when he receives his fathers approval by way of relationship and identity-proformance was a secondary furit or process.
3.) Many recognize Clark’s principals and beliefs as humanity’s only real hope, while others see them (and him) as a threat. They recognize the powerful reality of the light they convey and some trust it is for their good, while others are fearful that they stand in the way of their own desired lifestyle and means to achieve it. Clark
‘s integrity and compassion influences many on the secular fence who recognizes he has something within him that is desirable and right above the world’s system. In one episode, Clark teaches other superhero’s from the future that most every decision has an easy way out, but we are to instead above all protect and preserve life-a message you won’t be hearing much from any media outlet (for those who didn’t the in past redemption is offered). No matter their status, he seeks to encourage them to a greater/more honorable destiny. He personally cannot fathom it, but they inform him that his influence will reach many.
4.) What personality is Clark up against? In Lex Luther we see a version of the secular humanism in our own culture. For him the ends justify the means and he can define what is right and wrong. Every thing and relationship is manipulated for personal gain. He despises moral black and white and must stay in the murky grey in order to see his worldview and actions as somehow noble. This justifies his actions toward a progressive and humanistic brave new world where “moral fascists” like Clark are to be “stood up to.” Lex even comes to believe he is benefiting mankind by getting rid of a threat like Clark
; just a certain groups today and in the future believe the same regarding Christians. In one episode Clark face a entity call the darkness. Its strength lies in taking advantage of the fact that Clark’s concious is at was with himself. He is fearful he won’t be the hero he is supposed to be. This is what happens when we live ruled by our conscious. The darkness that the Christain knows of also recieves its power only through trying to put believers back under the law, but Christ has fullfilled it and nailed to the cross.
5.) No matter how shaken Clark
may feel within himself he remains a pillar of principal and a testimony, particularly to those who were waiting for him to fall or who needed an example. He could truly vent to a very select few that shared his values.
6.) Clark’s real father (Jerrell) remains as a voice of guidance in the fortress of solitude, just as our God is in our spirit and place of prayer. No matter how alone he feels he is never alone. At one point Clark asks Jerell to start seeing him as his friend and not his enemy, which is what occurred through Jesus and the cross (reconciled). Jerell tells Clark that there is hope for the human race, but that they lack the light to guide them, which is what we are here to convey to others even though many will fight it because they love darkness. There is an ongoing theme that Clark
will at some time be faced with a battle unlike anything he has known and he is preparing now for it. We too will be faced with a time where faith (of and in God) is needed to overcome (trials, sickness, etc) and we cannot just sit around watching TV (or whatever) until then, or we will fail (and then most blame God). We must give attention to our faith now (reading/hearing the Word, pray, ect) so we (emotions) will not fall apart, but will have the faith needed. We cannot have all the great things of God if we never pursue them or allow them to fill us (or fill with opposite things-we reap what we sow).
7.) In his earlier years when Clark faced a time of personal pain and guilt he actually turns to red kryptonite which causes him to indulge in a “free” lifestyle as a form of escape from himself. Cleary we can equate this to sin. Whether it is drink, pills, pornography, even excessive video games or sleep are all things we use to escape our reality or who we are. Just like sin, each time Clark puts on this red rock the stronger hold it has on him. After these episodes Clark
is upset over how out of character is was acting and is forced to confront what we could become if he chooses to act on various ideas or feeling he has. This becomes more evident in the Bizzarro Superman character. This is really a self reliance or focus rather then submitting to the Spirit and the mercy and grace that God has already provided for us as a free gift. In the last season there is an entity that feeds on any insercure, hateful, or fearfull feeling. The concious and condemation can kill and that is why it must be dealt with God’s way. Christians are free from allowing these thought to have any power because our lives are hidden in and with Christ. His thoughts are our thoughts and is spirit our spirit. An idea few accept.
8.) The very idea of Clark Kent is that something super becomes human, just as God did in Christ. He became human to redeem human from the curse and did want only he could do-reconcile the creation to the creator. Also, Clark is more than a face and a name. He is a symbol of something more, an ambassador (as we are for Christ). Those drudging through Metropolis see nothing but the mundane, while looking for a miracle. Clark, like us, represents that miracle. Can you image if Clark did nothing? Of course not, it’s unthinkable to have such a remedy (Christ) for the problem (sin and our depravity) and keep it. However, his doing is compelled by love, who his father is, and who he is. His abilities are a consequence or byproduct of this. We are not the power source, but we are the vessel and must use our gifts and authority that God has given us here. In one instance, Lex describes Clark as “having a thing for saving people”; may this be said about us! Also, Clark receives his supernatural power through the sun, just we do through the Son (Jesus-where are focus should always be)! We may not be supermen, but we can be Spirit-men.
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