What is Grace, What is the Alternative, and Why Should I Care: Explanation and Evidence of a New Consciousness

Many times we think we know all about grace or that it is elementary and feel like we should move on to other things when nothing could be further from the truth. Colossians 2:6 advises that as you receive Christ, so walk in Him. I believe some of the church’s failures have started by failing to unveil Jesus and have instead fed the old man by preaching do’s and don’ts from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil rather then feeding the new man from the tree of life that is Jesus Christ. God wants us to exist in the new way of the Spirit rather than the old way of the Law as we are to understand that we have intimate relationship with Christ and are transformed by beholding Him(Rom 7:3-6, 2 Cor 3:3-18). Many seem to know what the Church is against rather than all of the life changing things that the church is for. All other religions have no answer for sin and cannot adequately expel all the internal enemies that plague us. The one thing that no other belief system can combat, argue, or claim is grace. Grace is unmerited favor; the fullness of what God offers us in Christ, and is focused on His righteousness shown in Christ, not ours through the law(Rom 3:21-24, Rom 10:3-4). The commandments of the Law are good within its purpose in showing us our need for Christ but has no power to make us holy and the inheritance either comes by way of the law or by way of the promise(Gal 3:18-22, Gal 4:23-24). Obviously we must realize we have violated God’s law to see our need for a Savior, or the sickness toward the remedy-receive/believe on Christ(Rom 5:1-2, Gal 2:16). When we see God’s grace through the person, work, and cross of Christ, God sees our faith. Many make faith into an obstacle rather than simply seeing God in His grace, resulting in a positive belief response to God; His true nature, character, and goodness as depicted by His word, not the world or our inclinations. Any obedience that pleases God starts with an obedience of faith(Rom 1:5, Rom 6:17). This faith is from God and His great love and mercy, not of ourselves, and it is God made us alive with Christ, seated us with Him, and who prepared the good works beforehand for us to walk in(Eph 2:4-10). God forgave us through Christ because of the riches of His grace(Eph 1:3-7). Let us not insert anything else or any other reason or stipulation because of religious presupposed assumptions. Either we will abide in freedom that Christ purchased for us or fall from grace(not salvation) by going back to the law to establish our own righteousness(Gal 1:6-7, Gal 5:1-6). The law was not made for the righteous(believers) but for the ungodly(Rom 3:19). Those who still put themselves under(make apart of/believe by) the works of the law are cursed(Gal 3:9-10). Law is demand, while grace is supply, and being mindful of God’s supply, not works(Gal 3:5). In the new covenant the only way to be cursed is to believe or come under a different gospel/doctrine. Even experts in secular fields will advise that condemnation in the root of sickness as well as additions. What we believe and how see God is important. Have we failed to unveil the loveliness of Jesus and the perfection of his work by stating your saved by grace but you have to work for it(Rom 11:5-6)? Often Christians are so focused on sin which is really a focus on self. We need to stop living as thought the cross made little to no difference. Either the divine exchange of Christ becoming sin so that we could be made His righteousness occurred or it did not(2 Cor 5:21). The law was the enemy’s weapon against us but Christ has nailed it to the cross triumphing over it and thus taking away anyone’s ability to use it against us(Col 2:13-15). He has blotted it out and redeemed us by becoming sin and the curse for us so that we might have the blessings of Abraham and by faith receive the promise of the Spirit(Gal 3:11-14). Throughout his preaching Jesus showed us the full measure of the law and what it required, full obedience. This causes us to come to an end of ourselves and to depend totally on grace. If you are righteous(right standing) and good, then there is no need for a savior. Your shortcomings qualify you for the thrown of grace. He looks for a minus to add His plus. We often have the mentality that we can do enough good which prevents us from really enjoying the grace offered to us. Our faith becomes effectual when we realize what we already have been given in Christ(Phil 1:6). Those who are forgiveness conscious are love conscious, and when we are love conscious faith follow freely. Jesus advised the Pharisees that he did not love him as the women washing his feet because he did not realize how much he had been forgiven(Luke 7 41-48). We do not labor to be blessed but are empowered to labor because of the blessing. When you sit under grace your want to’s will change. God is interested in inner heart transformation, not just outer behavior modification. Good works are a result, not a prerequisite. We are all sinners because through Adam sin entered the world, but Jesus took our place becoming our sin so we could become his perfect righteousness once for all to take away consciousness of sin(Heb 9:12, 28. 10:1-4). He has qualified us and we are to fix our eyes on Him, the author and finisher of faith(Col 1:12, Heb 12:2). So when we accept Christ we can stop condemning ourselves and learn of and depend on him(Rom 8:1-5). Stop being infatuated not with yourself, but instead with His thoughts, His actions, His obedience. The Holy Sprit convicts of one sin, not believing in Jesus(John 16:8-11). Grace is not a doctrine; it is person, Jesus Christ. It is cross centered and is the full and proper honoring of Christ, truly glorifying his finished work, which all right theology must do. Right believing will bring right living. Real change is effortless and from on inside out. Many people are pushing all kinds of ways to reign in life, but we do so through an abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness. If sin reigned because of through the disobedience of one man how much more shall those who receive an abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness reign in life through Christ(Rom 5:16-21). Where sin(which was ushered in by Adam) abounded, God’s grace abounded much more. Sin(noun) doesn’t have dominion over us not when we under the law but under grace(Rom 6:14). Most have more confidence in the flesh of humans than the Spirit of God. Many well meaning critics of grace exalt sin making it equal, or even greater, to the blood of Christ, yet make light of sin as they believe sin can be over come by their own efforts, will power, or decision making. It is like saying “you must stop preaching water, water and tell people how to get wet”. Everything that real grace touches becomes beautiful. Touching grace is touching God’s holiness(set apart) and righteousness. It is not that sin means nothing, but the full measure of judgment was poured out on Jesus for us, which increases our love for God. This mixture causes you lose the convicting purpose of the law to bring you to Jesus as well as the redeeming power of unmerited grace. Many are saying that we are saved by grace and this is basic, now we must begin to live by the law. This is spiritual adultery that leads to bounding back and forth from Christ and the law. The apostle to the Christian church(Paul) tells us that he died to the law that he might live to God as if right stand came by law they Christ died for nothing(Gal 2:19-21). Remember friends, we increase in grace, favor, and peace by an increase in the revelation and knowledge of Jesus Christ(2 Peter 1:1-11).
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