The Site: It is time we unveil Christ/the true Gospel. Something few are presenting, including most Christians. Purpose: to provide the most informational/interesting/relevant info possible. My addiction to study/lack of social life(both are graces given) should at least be used by believers/unbelievers toward making more sense of Christ, reaping all the benefits that overflow when this revelation is exposed. I update my articles with additional/better information often even if the original dates are old.

Me: I am working toward the completion of a Doctorate in Theology.  I believe in Free Grace; that through Christ we have been completely forgiven and have right standing with God and that learning of Christ and the righteousness and grace found in Him, is how we are transformed through the Spirit, rather than going back under a consciousness of the law and self righteous. I am a moderate Calvinist; believe in eternal security and God’s primary enabling choice by giving effectual grace to the predestined. I am a Berean Dispensationalist; emphasizing Paul’s writings as revealing the progression of the true revelation given to Christians. I am a moderate Charismatic; believing that God wants to provide all good things to His people-our faith in His grace, but not in the idea of making our faith an object in itself, becoming a barrier to the things of God-disqualifying rather than qualifying. I am a “INTJ” personality type.


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